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Impact Damage
If a shinobi takes a significant fall, is thrown into a surface, or undergoes a collision, they will take damage upon impact. This impact will be treated as a basic strike with Strength equal to the speed the victim was traveling at (in m/s) * 10. Of course, this does not apply to Jutsu that already define what damage they deal.

A shinobi can last up to 5 posts without needing to breath. This applies to: drowning, choking, hiding beneath the ground without an air source, or any other scenario where the ninja does not have access to oxygen.

Blood Loss
Like all damage, blood loss varies based on the type of injury. A cut across the throat doesn't have to be half as deep as one on the arm and still bleed twice as much. Generally, the more blood a shinobi loses, the more sluggish/weaker they will be overall. Blood loss is usually directly proportional to the depth of the cut (or severity of internal bleeding) as well as the location of injury (vital organs will bleed more than flesh wounds). If a shinobi loses enough blood, they will pass out. Additionally, deep enough cuts will cause the exact location of the cut to be painful for the shinobi to use.

Muscle/Bone Damage
Damage to muscle or bone will cause the muscle/bone to be more difficult to use. Light damage (such as bruising) will often go unnoticed, though be somewhat painful. Minor damage (such as sprains) will make the area damaged be somewhat sluggish/weak due to the pain. Moderate damage (such as fractures) will result in the area being noticeably slower/weaker, though not so much so as to effect functionality. More severe damage (such as breaking of bones) can make the area affected very difficult to use, though it will still partially function. Acute damage (such as tearing of flesh) will result in the area being unusable.

Skin Damage
Damage to the skin (such as shredding or burns) will make it both painful to use and also causes blood loss. The more damaged the skin becomes, the more likely it will be that the area will be unusable due to the pain. Additionally, the skin will also lose more and more blood, leading to some blood loss for the host. These vary greatly, but generally have similar effects on a shinobi as muscle/bone and blood loss combined do, though each half as severe.


Damage Rules GYVwR6R
Strength :
Damage Rules Left_bar_bleue100 / 500100 / 500Damage Rules Right_bar_bleue
Endurance :
Damage Rules Left_bar_bleue200 / 500200 / 500Damage Rules Right_bar_bleue
Speed :
Damage Rules Left_bar_bleue300 / 500300 / 500Damage Rules Right_bar_bleue
Perception :
Damage Rules Left_bar_bleue400 / 500400 / 500Damage Rules Right_bar_bleue
Stealth :
Damage Rules Left_bar_bleue500 / 500500 / 500Damage Rules Right_bar_bleue

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