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Medical   Procedures

If your shinobi should lose a limb or other body part in combat, it is possible to replace it with another one through transplanting. You can transplant actual body parts of other shinobi if you wish (such as Doujutsu, for example) or you can purchase a prosthetic as an item. It's also not required to have lost the body part prior to replacing it; if you wish to tear of your own arm and attach a new one, that's perfectly fine! Any body part (except for the brain) may be replaced with another one through medical procedure, so have at it. To perform a transplant, you will need the help of a medical-nin. This medical-nin can be either a player character or an NPC. If you choose to use an NPC, however, there will be a risk of failure. If a transplant operation fails, you will lose the Skill Points spent. If you are using a player character, they must have their Medical specialty at a high enough level for the transplant. If using a player character, they do not recieve the skill point cost as payment. Any payment to the player character (if any) may be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

  • Minor transplant (finger, nose, ears, etc.) requires medical of at least 250 and costs 100 skill points. If using an NPC, there is a minute failure rate.
  • Transplant of a limb (arm or leg) or eye requires medical of at least 500 and costs 200 skill points. If using an NPC, there is a very small failure rate.
  • Transplant of an internal organ requires medical of at least 750 and costs 300 skill points. If using an NPC, there is a small failure rate. Failure results in death.

Upon achieving Mastery of medical knowledge (level 1000 Medical), a medical-nin becomes capable of splicing DNA. This ability allows them to fuse DNA from one shinobi with another, effectively giving a shinobi a foreign Kekkei Genkai. This is undoubtedly one of the most powerful medical abilities possible, however comes at a cost. The procedure must be done by a player character (this operation can be performed on one's self) and requires the corpse of another shinobi in order to be done. Through performing this procedure the corpse becomes liquefied and therefore cannot be used for any other purposes. Once completed, the shinobi who recieves the DNA is considered to have the Kekkei Genkai of the deceased shinobi permanently (starting at level 0). They will also receive drawbacks from the Kekkei Genkai as determined by an Admin or Moderator. The procedure costs 500 skill points and has a medium failure rate. If the procedure fails, the deceased body will still be used.


Medical Procedures GYVwR6R
Strength :
Medical Procedures Left_bar_bleue100 / 500100 / 500Medical Procedures Right_bar_bleue
Endurance :
Medical Procedures Left_bar_bleue200 / 500200 / 500Medical Procedures Right_bar_bleue
Speed :
Medical Procedures Left_bar_bleue300 / 500300 / 500Medical Procedures Right_bar_bleue
Perception :
Medical Procedures Left_bar_bleue400 / 500400 / 500Medical Procedures Right_bar_bleue
Stealth :
Medical Procedures Left_bar_bleue500 / 500500 / 500Medical Procedures Right_bar_bleue

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